Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emergency Party @ Glasslands, January 10th, 2008

So, after Monkeytown I headed over to Glasslands to meet my friend Dave who was there to see this band Emergency Party, whom I've never heard of... Oh. My. God. Emergency Party is sick!!!!!!! Imagine if Frank Zappa, Jack Black, a Pregnant Lady, John Bonham, and a Sitar formed a band. Holy shit their drummer is good. I don't think I remember one lyric from any of their songs but it didn't matter they were so tight. I'm seriously considering buying a Sitar, it sounds amazing in a band setting! I actually crashed at the bass player and lead guitarist's apartment a couple of years ago (I didn't know them, but my friend Mark was living with them at the time) and I remember they had the biggest personal record collection I've ever seen! Floor to ceiling shelves filled with records along two big walls! I just stood in awe and spent an entire afternoon browsing and listening to obscure LPs (what a way to spend a day!). They must've picked up some serious skills from those records cuz that might be the best show of 2008 and it's only just begun!

Gates of Heaven w/ Overlord w/ Bell @ Monkeytown, Wed. January 9th, 2008

First show of 2008! Wooooo! Friends Gates of Heaven lit some incense and fired up a solid night at Monkeytown, playing their classic brand of sample fueled electro-psych behind the moving and award-winning dvd BLACK. Ever prolific, they sparked a few new ones last night which sounded killer brah! Definitely look for them to crash the Pitchfork "All Tomorrows Parties" Festival in England later this year...

Overlord, which is decidedly not a metal band, despite the dark and my guess is ironic name, played a boisterous set of happy pop tunes in synch with a series of custom edited black-and-white home movies. My favorite video would have to be the Diaper Derby, where newborns race, or should i say crawl and fall down on top of each other, to see who can reach their cheering parents first. Why isn't this on ESPN?

Closer, Bell is a charming young Alaskan lady who plays lush, atmospheric keys over emotive vocals in front of a solid jazz-influenced rhythm section. They had some fine moments, but I feel like they might be better on record. Should be interesting to hear their upcoming EP...