Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shiv Hurrah @ Arlene's Grocery, May 25th, 2010

My friends have a new band, Shiv Hurrah, led by David Bechle. I think everyone was duly impressed by this, their first show! I hope they stick together, and get real tight and awesome. Check out the video I shot!

Shai Erlichman w/ Murderfist, Johnny McNulty @ Petri Dish, May 22nd, 2010

I like Shai Erlichman. He only played a few songs in between some pretty hilarious comedy improv acts (including Murderfist (see video below), and Johnny McNulty). But Shai's new band seems like a good fit, and I'm looking forward to new music from him. What a fun night!

Apollo Sunshine @ Mercury Lounge, May 19th, 2005

Ooooooooooooooooooof. Apollo Sunshine slays. Seriously, if you can see them, do it. Well, first buy all of their albums, so you know the songs, then go. Sam SHREDS on lead guitar, one of the best out there. I'm so glad they're still playing! Why isn't this band huge dammit?

This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Bruar Falls, May 18th, 2010

This was kinduva weird night. An intimate This Frontier Needs Heroes show means Brad and Jessica Lauretti are gonna be a little rambunctious. The new merch is awesome. Do I want a custom made one-of-a-kind This Frontier Needs Heroes pillowcase featuring the gulf-oil spill drawn by glitter gun? Yes, I do. Brad was just in Texas for the last few months writing new songs, and he debut'd a few of them here. His favorite, "Space Baby," which he declares as the best song anyone has written anywhere in the last year, is, i'll admit, fantastic. I hope their new album (recently kickstarter funded) lives up to this fact.

Broken Social Scene @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg, May 8th, 2010

"Are you ready for The Forgiveness?" Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene asked the sold-out crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg on a Saturday night in Brooklyn. After opening their set with a few staple BSS hits, the band launched into songs off of their new album aptly titled Forgiveness Rock Record. The new album is good, not my favorite BSS, but I'll gladly keep supporting this band if they continue making poignant, inventive music. I'll probably never see BSS again in such a small venue. And it felt a little weird too, like we were watching a band that had clearly out-grown the mid-sized club. The audience was a little dazed for most of the show, not knowing what to make of this new incarnation of the band. And the band noticed it too, commenting halfway through the set, "I feel like we all just woke up." Of course, this was a big event and all of the branches of the extended BSS family tree were there, including special guest appearances by Emily Haines, and the Philly Horn section. My favorite of the night was their version of "It's All Gonna Break" which they didn't play at Webster Hall the night before. Ahh, another BSS show for the memory books.

Gross Relations @ Bruar Falls, April 23rd, 2010

Bruar Falls was packed for the debut of Gross Relations. They were pretty good, sort of like an even more lo-fi version of Guided By Voices, if that's possible, except with a vibrato-y keyboard and distorted vocals. And I'm not just saying all this cuz they recorded their EP at my studio, I would never do that!

Doomstar! @ Party Expo, April 1, 2010

Holy shit. Doomstar! fucking destroyed! They just keep getting better, with such a huge sound for 3-piece. Sorry, no pictures. I was too busy jumping around!

SHITSTORM w/ The Walk-It-Offs, Martha Dumptruck Massacre @ Matchless, March 31st, 2010

Due to scheduling conflicts (Drum had to skip practice to break up with his girlfriend) SHITSTORM had to play this shit-show as a two piece. I think it went well? At least all the blips and beeps were in their proper order, and everyone had their mind blown. Noise collage at it's best. Thank you for your support! No pics from the show, but we bought some nerd glasses and took a couple portraits during practice. I think Carl looks fantastic.

Martha Dumptruck Massacre always brings a big smile to my ears. For some reason, I can't really describe them, but at least one song really put everything in perspective, and made my night. They're also cool dudes.