Monday, January 26, 2009

Mercat @ Union Pool, January 25th, 2009

Last night I arrived late, so I missed Obituaries, a band that writes sentimental songs dedicated to the recently deceased. But I made it in time to see the CD release show for Mercat, an all-girl band with viola, violin, organ, bass and drums. This is not your typical rock band, and it takes a song or two to get accustomed to their emotive-catty-waltz-like music. But by the end of their set, I was sold, and they are my new favorite band of the moment.

The lead singer of Mercat kinda reminds me of Calvin, from "Calvin & Hobbes." That is, if Calvin was a girl, and grew up to start a band to reminisce those innocent, carefree days of childhood. Their lyrics clearly have strong emotional content, and since I know almost nothing about female emotions, this kept me enraptured throughout. And if only I could pay close enough attention to decipher their meaning, then I would finally understand women! Oh wait, that'll never happen. =) Check out: "Fight Song," "Ice Hotel" and "Not As Good As The First Time."

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