Friday, March 13, 2009

Woods w/ Let's Wrestle, Ca-USE Co-MOTION @ Monster Island, March 12th, 2009

I love Woods. They're one of my favorite bands out there right now. Last time I saw them, about a year ago, they were kind of sloppy, but they've really focused and refined their sound, and now it's like this perfect mix of sweet and melancholy indie psych. I like how they sing through those lo-fi vintage microphones, which slightly distort their voices in a pleasant way. I didn't recognize many of the songs (but they did play 'don't pass on me,' one of my favs =). They were selling a new LP, which hasn't dropped yet, so I'm def looking forward to hearing that!

Let's Wrestle plays some really catchy up-tempo indie-garage (i really like how their myspace address is 'letsfuckingwrestle' =). They came all the way from England to play this show. They were ridiculously tight, which is always a pleasure. The Cribs comparisons are justified in terms of their sound, but Let's Wrestle aren't pricks (jk cribs, you know i <3 u). Just try to not dance along to "I Won't Lie To You." That song rules. See them while you can...

Ca-USE Co-MOTION closed this show, and they really "brought it," probably inspired by the solid performances before them. Ferocious. There was a big dance party up front, but I stopped taking photos at this point to go socialize.

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