Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drug Rug W/ Sam Champion, DJ Awesome GoodTimes @ Bowery Ballroom, February 15th 2008

I always love seeing a friend's band for first time, especially when they blow away your expectations... Drug Rug has a catchy hard-driving indie-rock blues sound, kind of like a modern interpretation of The Beatles "Yer Blues," but with some dual screaming vocals on top. I didn't realize it before the show, but I've hung out with Tommy and George from Drug Rug a few times back when I lived in Boston, but never got the chance to check out their band. Well, I'm sure glad I did... they were great!

Sam Champion notched another milestone in their rise to the top by declaring victory over the Bowery with a solid headlining performance. They consistently throw a good show, and satisfy my occasional desire for loud down-home-and-dirty folk-blues that I can raise my fist to. The Champs have a new album coming out on North Street Records sometime soon, so that should be a good pick up...

This show also brought the debut of the self-proclaimed dj supergroup, DJ Awesome Goodtimes, spinning hits from the likes of The Darkness, Baby Shambles and did I hear an early Strokes tune in there? Either way, they brought the party, and we all got down. Good job dudes.

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