Monday, February 25, 2008

The Teenagers @ Studio B, February 2nd, 2008

I was psyched to see The Teenagers, the latest dance-punk buzz-band from across the pond on their first tour of the US, because their catchy, well-produced debut album seemed like it would be fun in a live setting. Unfortunately the bells and whistles (or should I say synths and background vocals) on the album weren't as prominent in the live show, and they came across more like a generic, nervous punk-new-age band, than the sexy enlightened europeans I had hoped for. Still, the night was a success, with Hot Chip spinning some hot dance beats late into the night. And if you've never been, Studio B pretty much turns into the most ridiculous dance party in Brooklyn on a Saturday night. Imagine a 1000 drunk hipsters getting all hot and sweaty on an acre-sized dance floor till 4 am. Yeah, wow. Or should i say gross?

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