Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Telepathe w/ Teengirl Fantasy, Soft Circle @ Market Hotel, February 20th, 2009

Telepathe are two cute girls with drum machines and effects pedals. Sounds like a recipe for success. And their new album, "Dance Mother," ain't too shabby neither. Everyone I went with to this show bolted before they played, because they heard that they weren't that good 'live.' But I don't know... I kinda liked it, and stayed for the whole set. And I usually don't go for all-girl bands that don't have guitars or live drums.

Teengirl Fantasy was a little too dance-y and techno-y for me. But their visuals were amazing. I don't know how they were doing it, but I couldn't look away... It was like a kaleidescope of 3-D gradient rectangles traveling at hi-speed and exploding to the music. Killer.

Soft Circle was probably the best performance of the show. A one-man band, Hisham Bharoocha (the drummer from Lightning Bolt), loops beats and sounds through a sampler, then plays live drums on top of it. It actually kinda reminds me of Shitstorm, the way he layers the sounds (he even has the same problems of lining up the samples to the beat - except his sampler has an 'undo' button - and ours just creates a mess :) His live drumming is still the hi-lite of the show, he's scary good. But he could use just a touch more instrumentation, to keep things moving. Overall, pretty cool!

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these are powers were awesome that night.