Friday, February 27, 2009

Yaps Farewell Party @ Pianos, February 26th, 2009

My old college buddy, Tom Yaps, is moving to LA, and this was a party in his honor.

Noah Chernin of Sam Champion started the party with a barebones set of covers and originals, which included Kinks and Tom Petty songs.

Next up was Brenda, a 3-piece indie-rock band from Portland, ME. They were great! Sometimes that's all you need, guitar, bass, drums, good musicians and strong songwriting. They kinda reminded me of Built To Spill but happier, more straight-forward and less epic. Their drummer was truly on point. Where can I get an album?

After Brenda, Peelander-Z brought the party. These guys love flashy spandex, rocking out, monster costumes, "mad tigers," and audience participation. The bassist was playing on top of the bar. The guitarist used himself as a bowling ball, and smashed into some pins set up on the floor. They even dragged me on stage, threw a mask on me, and gave me a cowbell to bang on for one song. Yeah, fun stuff.

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