Sunday, July 15, 2007

Besnard Lakes, Les Savy Fav, Land of Talk @ Citysol Festival, July 14th 2007

I got to the free Citysol Festival a little late after randomly watching Talladega Nights and drinking some home-made white wine Sangria with Steve-o and Shannon, so I missed the O'Death set (which is usually a good time). But I made it to see The Besnard Lakes, who surprised me with a killer live set. I just love seeing bands for the first time when it is really good. You never forget it. They played like a down-tempo psych-fuzz-rock set with harmonized falsetto vocals, real sunny and nice. They're definitely another great product out of Montreal which says something about that town.
Their friends (also from Montreal), Land of Talk, had their usual enjoyable set. I sort of zoned out for some of it (i have seen them a couple of times), but there is always like one or two LOT songs that grab you and make you realize why you like them so much and keep coming back. And they've got nice t-shirts...

Les Savy Fav destroyed it as usual. It's starting to become a nyc summer tradition. Their lead singer is always ridiculous and just oozes energy and charisma. I liked when he took a gatorade bucket and dumped it on the front row like they won the super bowl (or the "super-b" as he calls it). And it looks like they're coming out with a new full-length soon, their first one in over 6 years! I've got a feeling it's gonna be bananas. Check out the track, "What Would Wolves Do" that was leaked on Pitchfork. If that doesn't make you do "the hipster shake", i don't know what will.

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shani said...

i HAVE to see les savy fav next time they tour!!!