Thursday, July 5, 2007

Man Man @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn July 1st, 2007

I continue to be blown away by Man Man shows. They just keep getting better. I saw them a few months ago at the Bowery and they smoked it. But this time they were otherworldly, headlining at the McCarren Pool, a much larger and more intimidating outdoor venue. First off, their drummer is phenomenal, a joy to watch and hear. Of course everyone in their group is a percussionist, which adds to the tribal vibe. I love how they play facing each other on stage, like they actually care about communicating with each other musically onstage. Yes, their signature all white outfits, face paint, and bandanas were in effect, which at first might be off-putting but after a couple shows you come to expect it, in fact anticipate it, as it adds to the drama. They played an encore, which is the first one I’ve seen at McCarren Pool (which shows how huge this band is in Brooklyn). They closed with a slow, dreamy version of Van Helsing’s Boombox, my favorite song on their latest album, Six Demon Bag (of course, I don’t think any of their albums have truly captured the energy of their live shows). I had forgotten about that song, wrapped up in their gorgeous set, but once it started, I knew this show would be unforgettable.

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