Sunday, July 22, 2007

Matt and Kim, Elvis Perkins, Voxtrot, etc. @ Siren Music Festival on Coney Island, July 21, 2007

For me, Matt and Kim stole the show yesterday at the Siren Music Festival on Coney Island, although I didn't get to see Dr. Dog, We Are Scientists, or the New York Dolls, who were on the main stage, which I don't prefer in general (too crowded), and I was busy spending half the day lying on the beach with friends, working on my burn, for which I have no regrets -- it's amazing what a couple of hours on the beach with some beer can do to your mood :)

Matt and Kim play like synth-punk, with indie-rock vocals on top. Really they were in top form, overjoyed to be playing in their hometown of Brooklyn to such a large and enthusiastic crowd. They killed it (to use their own oft-used phrase). And I loved the story Matt told about when he went to summer camp and the kid in the bunk above him was chewing on a glow stick and it broke in his mouth and Matt woke up to what he thought were neon bugs crawling all over him and then he looked up and his bunk mate had neon bugs all inside his mouth and he freaked out (ewwwww!). Lotsa fun.

I also saw Elvis Perkins with his band Dearland who played a nice set of intimate folk waltzes. And while I might be reprimanded for liking them (because they're not the latest greatest art-punk-"it" band), it's still nice to be able to sometimes see a band and actually know the songs and occasionally sing along. Plus their album is good on a quiet evening when you're down on your luck.
PS. Voxtrot played their usual enthusiastic set, although they seemed a little tired, which is understandable given that they've been touring like madmen for the last 2 months and this was their last show in the states for a spell.

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