Friday, August 31, 2007

Broken Social Presents: Kevin Drew w/ Feist @ McCarren Park Pool,

So it was 6pm doors for this show, and that usually means that the first band starts at 7pm, but I got there at 6:45pm and Grizzly Bear had already finished their set (wtf!) How am I supposed to get out of work at 5:15? Who do they think I am? An investment banker? Anyway, I settled in, grabbed a beer, and got ready for "BSS Presents: Kevin Drew." Luckily, I had gotten a leaked version of his new album "Spirit If..." so I knew all of the killer new songs beforehand. Still, it was nice to see it in live form. Some hi-lites included "Tbtf," "Lucky Ones," and a cover version (of himself?) "Superconnected." This was apparently their second show with the new lineup, and they were understandably not as tight as they could be, but it didn't matter, because the songs were so good. I actually think this smaller ensemble might work better than the larger "scene" (with only 6 people on stage, instead of 10+) for a tighter more focused sound. So yeah, go see them, if you can. Oh and Feist headlined. She's not exactly my cup of tea, but I liked the song she ended her encore with, "Let It Die".

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