Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Big Sleep @ Prospect Park, Thurs. Aug. 9th

So I usually don't recommend going to two different shows in one night, it's kind of overkill, especially if they're in different boroughs. But sometimes it all works out. First was The Big Sleep for free in Prospect Park. I got there in the middle of their set (cuz the train was slow), but they sounded great so no regrets. They can really fill out the sound in a big venue (cuz of their massive vintage amps). My buddy Mark told me that the bassist and guitarist in TBS are married and have been playing the same set of songs for years before being picked up by French Kiss, and that their album "Son of a tiger" was recorded years ago, and was merely re-released. Who knew? Does it matter? No, that band is too cool, and so is the movie...

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