Monday, October 29, 2007

Frances + The Creaky Boards @ the Creek & the Cave, October 20th, 2007

How could I not go to this show? It's like 3 blocks from my house! I had never been to the Creek for a show (I have frequented it for the great Mexican food and cheap Margs though), so I was pleasantly surprised by the good sound in the performance room (which is rare for a small venue in this city - probably due to the fact that they only mic the vocals and the acoustically pleasing high ceilings). Now, Frances is a great little brooklyn band playing melodic, meaningful indie-pop in a fun yet serious way. I picked up their two albums at this show, and am excited to hear their studio efforts. Go check 'em.

I had no previous introduction to the Creaky Boards before tonight, but I was blown away by their sexy, energetic and pop-hook infused set. The early-Beatles reference springs to mind immediate from their abundant use of strong background vocal harmonies and simple song structures. Gosh, it's so great to see a band you've never heard of before and become an instant fan. Seriously, go see them live, you'll be glad you did...

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