Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gates of Heaven W/ Other Passengers @ Monkeytown, Brooklyn, October 2nd, 2007

is one of my favorite small bar/clubs in Williamsburg. It's got a real laid back vibe and a friendly staff. In the back room, the performance space has 3 giant video projectors playing artsy movies on all of the walls while the bands play, so it is a visual as well as aural experience. This was Gates of Heaven's first real show, and I was duly impressed. Carl can't stop raving about their new album (not yet released) and based on their set last night, he should be excited. You could describe them as sounding a little like Panda Bear, maybe not as well rehearsed or refined, but all the melodic, spiritual, sampled and electronic guts are there, although they would probably fight being pigeon holed in those rather large shoes to fill, but I say that's a great place to be. I also caught most of Other Passenger's set and it was quite enjoyable, but kinda hard to describe. I would just go to their site and take a listen and decide for yourself. Also, I think it was the lead singer's birthday, so it was a special night all around. =)

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