Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holy Fuck + Oh No! Oh My! @ Galapagos, October 17th, 2007

I first saw Holy Fuck at a cmj showcase two years ago when they were called "Hot Carl Loves the Ladies" (which is perhaps the greatest band name ever invented, why did they ditch it?). Back then, their unique blend of old-school Casio blips and beeps with an authentic bass and drum rhythm section was a wild and exhilirating ride akin to fugazi joining kraftwerk for a jam sess. Today's incarntion is much more controlled, with actual song structures and a tightness that you have to appreciate. They have refined their craft, which is impressive given the complexity of their sound.

Oh No! Oh My! put out one of my favorite albums of the last year, so I definitely wanted to check out their live show, which was solid, but lacks the confidence and consistency of the the nice album. Don't get me wrong, their live show ain't bad, I just wasn't blown away, and there are better live acts... like (ahem) Battles.

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shani said...

i cant wait to see your jens post!