Thursday, May 10, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr @ Hiro Ballroom May 10, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr, is the lead guitarist for The Strokes, or at least that's what he's famous for (that, and the afro). Tonight, he played with his solo-group, which is the next best thing as far as I'm concerned, because they use the same rhythms, probably even the same effects pedals, for that Strokesy sound. I saw them play at Mercury Lounge a while back at CMJ, and I must say, this show was much better (the band was tighter/ having more fun). Also, Albert had a beard and turtle-framed glasses, which he said made him look like, "Woody Allen with a guitar." My claim to fame, is that I played 'doubles' in billiards with him once at Hi-Fi (and beat him!) although he probably doesn't remember it all (and he went home with 2 hot blonde models, so who was the real winner that night, hmm?). Yeah, it was still me.

Here's a pic of the crappy band that played before Albert Hammond. Notice the tight white jeans, and sparkly 'michael jackson' gloves of the lead singer. They're trying soooooo hard. I won't even mention their name (cause I already forgot it) but if you really want to know, just look it up.

Here's a defiled Barney stuffed animal I saw on St. Marks St. before the show. Somebody wrote, "I'm Barney Damn It!" on his chest, so I took a picture.