Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rosebuds W/ Ladybug Transistor@ Bowery Ballroom, May 24th, 2007

Dammit! I forgot my camera... again. It's not like my pictures are that fabulous. But it helps to tell the story and make the reader feel like he/she's really there. Anyway, I'd never seen The Rosebuds before, but I love with their album "Birds Make Good Neighbors" so I thought I would give them a shot live. Also, they were playing with Ladybug Transistor , a band I used to see back in college, and I wanted to see how they've progressed. They used to play a very 60s-ish style of summer pop, and given their line-up change since I've last seen them (less one female organist), they've definitely modernized their style a bit. They had one or two songs that I liked, but a couple of the others failed to capture my interest. Still, if you're a fan of early Of Montreal, The Essex Greene, or The Clientele, you might want to check them out.
Now, with The Rosebuds, I had only heard one album of theirs and so I expected a very lush set of guitar based love songs in the style of Band of Horses, but what i got was completely different. Where did all that disco-pop come from? Apparantly, it's on the new album, which, according to my friend Johnny Beach, is quite excellent. That, and the fact that one of the best songs which they played that night was "off of their first album," proved that I needed to get versed with the full Rosebuds catalog, which I did, by purchasing their first and latest albums after the show. The results: Johnny was right, "Night of the Furies," their latest, is quite a nice record and I recommend it (after 'Birds Make Good Neighbors') as a worthy purchase. I really hope they keep making records and touring, because they definitely have a fun time up there and make good lps.

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