Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sunset Rubdown @ The Bowery Ballroom, May 4th 2007

So, my friends bailed on me and I had to get rid of an extra ticket for the Sunset show, which was sold out, and you'd think that would be easy, but alas, the demand for "the Rubdown" is not as strong at the Bowery as in other parts of town... Luckily, I run into Amanda and her friend Adam (which is a sweet name), and since the show didn't start for another hour we decided to hit a local bar and just give it away. No luck there. But on the way back we find an enthusiastic couple who decide to take a chance on the ticket and we can finally enter the show sans difficulties.

Sunset Rubdown is a beautiful band, playing, what my new friend Adam described as, "expressionist art in the form of music." It's led by Spencer Krug, the indie-genius behind Wolf Parade, who wears his emotions close to his chest. Tonight's show was his birthday (he turned 23 - gasp! so young!) but he was not in a good mood (and he told us) and didn't even play an encore (although we wanted one). Also, for some reason, he doesn't like overhead lights, and asked that they all be turned off, so we had to rely on the old-fashioned grandma lamps strewn around the stage. Hence, the poorly lit photographs. But he did play plenty of new songs, which I consider little gifts for the ears, so really it was our birthday too. Actually, this was the best set I've seen of their's. Their last show at The Bowery lacked the tightness and professionalism of a well-toured band. But fuck, what am i saying? They're always good.

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Maria said...

great review and picture!

fyi, he actually turned 30...