Saturday, May 19, 2007

Incapacitants @ No Fun Fest - The Hook - Brooklyn, May 15th, 2007

Incapacitants, are two bankers from Japan who are regarded as legends in the Noise community. I read an interview with Carlos Giffoni (who booked the fest) and he said that his main goal for this years Festival was to have Incapacitants play, and the entire 4 day Festival was booked around their schedule. They did not disappoint. Their set really began during the 25 minutes while they were setting up their gear. In the background they played an old Japanese movie soundtrack at high volume which really pumped up the crowd and said, "Yes, we are from Japan. And yes, we are about to rock your face off!" It was quite incendiary. When they finally began, you couldn't really tell how they were making those kamikaze sounds (kinda like two guys screaming into their mics, into distortion, into a tape-delay and then fucking with it) but it was driving the crowd crazy... I was talking to Thurston Moore after the show (i bought like 4 records from his merch table) and he said he was blown away by the Incapacitants. Holy shit, that was awesome.