Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Panda Bear @ Bowery Ballroom, Monday June 18th, 2007

If Television is the past, then Panda Bear is the future. Just one guy running a sampler into effects into a mixer and singing over it. This is first-class electronica. I feel like more people will eventually (when they figure it out) make this kind of music. The key is using reeeeeally good samples. I especially liked when he would sample his voice and then harmonize with himself. Many of the samples he would subtly pitch-shift, or slightly change the tempo of, all as he's adding massive amounts of reverb and delay, which sounded rad. And the best part is, I got in to the show for free! (it was sold out, and some dude gave me his wrist band as he was walking out after like 2 songs -- thanks dude!) Actually, that wasn't the best part, it was the insanely good music. The audience didn't even know how to react. Seriously, that shit was maybe 10x better live than on the album, and the album is damn good. I hope somebody recorded a bootleg...

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