Monday, June 18, 2007

Television @ Central Park Summerstage, June 16th 2007

I had to skip out on half of Steve-o's mustache party to catch what was purportedly Television's last show ever!! at Central Park Summerstage. I'm glad I did. To see their musical dynamic and artistic statement live, in person, even though they were in their prime over 20 years ago, is something I won't soon forget. Richard Lloyd is a helluva guitarist and plays in a unique, creative soloing style, which really can't be duplicated. Their drummer, Billy Ficca, was also very impressive, and plays imaginatively off of the rhythms and melodies of the rest of the band. They also gave a very cool, artsy, anti-corporation vibe which isn't as apparant on the albums (in one song they took an impromptu jab at Starbucks). Speaking of albums, there were a few songs that I didn't know, but were excellent, and so I'm gonna try and pick up the rest of their catalog somehow. Wow, i can only imagine what their early shows at CBGB's would've been like... amazing!

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